Terms and Conditions

General Terms:

  • By accepting our confirmation of booking you and all members of your party agree:


  • That you and all persons in your group are over the age of 16.


  • That if you or any member of your group appear to be under the influence of alcohol or non prescribed drugs we reserve the right to refuse our services to you without refund.


  • That you will comply with our Staff and scare actors when requested to do so in an official manor.


  • That light physical contact between yourself and with scare actors may take place.


  • That harmful physical bodily contact and or violence between participants is strictly prohibited and in certain cases may include reports to the Police.


  • That any abuse shown towards Events2Scare staff or scare actors will be dealt with, with the full extent of the law.


  • That we take no responsibility for any personal belonging or valuables that you may lose.


  • That we have the right to cancel any event or booking with a minimum of two days notice (via Email / Text Message) and issue a full refund for any monies you have paid.

  • That should you fail to turn up at the event you have booked for any reason you will forfeit any monies you have paid to us.


  • That the event scenarios may change during your experience.


  • That you will conduct yourself with the consideration of other participants at all times.


  • That you will notify us in advance of any medical conditions or prescribed medication.