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Zombie Auditioning and Training for TV & Film

In October 2017 we had the privilege to be asked working and liaising with Premier Comms to audition, train & choreograph SFX Make up artists and 100 Zombie Walker actors on behalf of FoxTV and "The Walking Dead TV" series for a Publicity Stunt in London City Center to promote the 100th episode of the TV series. The stunt was featured across lots of social media platforms via Metro, NME and many more and had a reach of over 2.9 Billion people in total. As part of the stunt we helped to prank Chris Moyles live on air during his Radio X broadcast and also created an ideal opportunity to help with an online video ‘The Dead Factor’ by Formidable HQ which was a YouTube and social sensation going viral.


With over 500 walker zombie applicants, the auditions were staged in London taking over the Oval Space, a spectacle was created for media as candidates converged on the capital from all over the UK and Europe
Included in the auditions were Journalist makeovers, make-up time-lapses and guest judging opportunities that gained coverage with Radio X, Mirror Facebook, Metro Facebook live and NME Magazine through a live stream.

NME Magazine Feature:

Tech Insider Featured Video:

FoxTV UK: The Dead Factor.


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